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'Last Glance: Iberian Lynx'

'Last Glance: Iberian Lynx'


16x20 Acrylic on Canvas


The Iberian Lynx, also know as the Spanish Lynx, is recognized by it's unique fur beard. It was recently placed on the critically endangered list. Despite conservation efforts, the population continued to reduce and in 2007, the figure stood at just around 100 in the wild. But after rigorous efforts by conservationists, the population is slightly up now at around 200. The decline of the Iberian Lynx in the second half of this century has been mainly due to the decline of it's main prey, the rabbit, from hunting and the loss of it's habitat. The hunting is made illegal now, but its critical status continues due to habitat loss, poisoning, road casualties, feral dogs. and poaching.

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