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Light Space Time Gallery - Primary Colors Exhibition
July 2020
Special Merit: "Remember Me When I'm Gone"

Light Space Time Gallery - Animals Exhibition
Special Merit: "Free Spirit"

Light Space Time Gallery - Animals Exhibition
July 2023
Special Recognition: "Cephalopoda"

Artist Space Gallery - Colors Exhibition
September 2023
Honorable Mention: "Cephalopoda"


Meredith is a figurative artist with a crisp modern style. She works primarily in acrylic. It was the now famous quote by Martin Buber, "An animal's eyes speak a great language", and the deep connection she felt with animals, that influenced Meredith's early interest in pet portraiture. Her work has captured the special connection pets have with their owners for private clients in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Inspired by the good work of advocacy groups such as the Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA), Save the Chimps, The Jane Goodall Foundation's Center for Great Apes, and the Nonhuman Rights Project, Meredith's work is intended to raise awareness that we each, as sentient persons, bear a responsibility to value and protect the welfare of all beings.
"All of us, in some way, have first hand knowledge of the insecurity and susceptibility of vulnerable individuals. The goal of my artwork is to give a voice to the voiceless by creating a deeper emotional resonance between the viewer and the subject of each piece. My work is a vehicle through which I want to create a 'chain of empathy'. Linking subject to artist, artist to canvas, canvas to viewer, and ultimately, from the viewer beyond the art itself. Projecting emotion in a more tangible and accessible way, mirroring feelings and inspiring personal reflection."
Meredith has a BFA from Ithaca College. 

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